Thursday, December 18, 2014

Another Well Curated Home I Love

Oh and Ah

Be still my heart, are those designer tumbleweeds? They look fantastic.

Actually this whole image is fantastic.

Love all that rustic wood.



Maybe a little drafty perhaps?

That staircase is wicked cool.

Although it kind of reminds me of The Ring.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Praise the Lord!

Here is a Melanie-not-so-original painting...

I got the sunflower (oil or acrylic?) painting for free and it was a little too snoozy for my taste.

 A little cut out "HELLA*" in Calibri font and Jesus made it feel just right.

Jesus now lives in my kitchen.

I think this painting is HELLA funny.

* From Urban Dictionary: Originated from the streets of San Francisco in the Hunters Point neighborhood. It is commonly used in place of "really" or "very" when describing something.
Thank God LA is hella far away.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Oh Oh It's Paleo

Raquel Welch as Paleo Pammy

So here I am still on my paleo diet

No processed foods, grains, dairy, peanuts, sugar, potatoes, juice, etc. etc. etc.

My hubby said I have lost weight already--just 40 more pounds to go and I'm 21 all over again. 


I'm not missing junk food as much as I thought I would. 

Yeah, a cookie would be nice now and then, but so is flat abs. 

I take the abs. (Praise Jesus!)

Now I just need to exercise.

 Ever since I hurt my knee two years ago hard core cardio flares it up. 

Maybe I'll force myself on the kids trampoline tonight or at least (lightly?) jog around the block.

I'll pretend a dinosaur is chasing me in my fur bikini. 

Let's see if that motivates me.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Haters gonna hate

When you have nothing better to say, blog about it...

1. Kim Kardashian

I wish she would just get ass cancer already.
It's not like it could squeeze a lump of coal into a diamond, you know?
Maybe if she got ass cancer she would have to develop a talent, a skill, a personality-something worthwhile!

I don't actually hate her for her big booty (hey more power to you for storing ass fat) but I do fear dumb women that promote dumb behavior.

I like big brains and I cannot lie.

2. Taylor deserves a Swift kick

Her voice is sissy and thin but even worse is her song writing. She should stop it with all the boys that have done her wrong and grow up. Maybe she should consider writing about taking some responsibility about her decisions. I mean, maybe none of her relationships ever work because she's just a really bad lay?

Just a thought Taylor.

3.  Hips don't lie.

You said is Shakira. My hips aren't lying about my terrible eating habits and lack of self control. Ugh. I'm suppose to go Paleo (again). I hate Paleo diets. I've cheated already. What can I say, I'm not a cave dweller. Sorry hon.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Be still my heart...


There is an ALL THINGS Christopher Walken Exhibit in SF this Friday!

It's a 21 year and older show

I think at a CLUB in the CITY.

(Oh dear.)

I think this is just a ONE NIGHT ONLY (ugh..night) event.

A one night stand with Christopher himself.

(or the likes of him)

Who doesn't ADORE Christopher Walken?

He is a MANIC brilliant lunatic.

Apparently I missed a similar Bill Murray exhibit.


($10.00 tickets)

I might be too old to do this.

I don't know...

Can you hear the cowbells?

 Damn I hope I can go.

Role models

I have a huge girl crush on Gwen Stefani.

I saw her perform many, many years ago when she was still the front for No Doubt in the wee stages of her now stellar career. Saw her one afternoon performing at the UNM on the plaza for free.

I thought she was so rad and started wearing baggy jeans just like her.(I know--what a wannabe...)

I still think she is so rad. Love the fact that she is a mom too. Talented moms rule.

 This is Malia Jones. We named our daughter after her. She is Hapa, so beautiful and a world class bad ass surfer. I think athletic women are great. I am so NOT athletic so I give anyone props for being that. She is a mom too.

More great gorgeous moms. I hope my Malia learns how to surf too.

I have always LOVED Betsey Johnson. She is such an individual--wacky, bright, creative, talented...I can go on and on. I met her once in NYC. I had to stop her and tell her how much I loved her. My friend thought she was a homeless lady. You know, she was all layered up in multi-colored scarves. So Betsey Johnson-ish...

I wished I bought one of her tee shirts from many many season ago--All boys love B.J.

ha ha 

What a riot. I love that about her. Confidence is so sexy.

She is also a mom too. Hurray! More talented moms!

And on a side note...

Here I am getting married in Hawaii wearing a Betsey Johnson dress.

We kept it low-keyed (hubby wearing Banana Republic clothes purchased the night before).

Does the landscape look a little Jurassic Park to you?



Don't You Worry Child

The Swedish House Mafia may have broken up but long live the rave!

Okay so my first of many open letters to my children will start with SHM:

Don't you worry child

See heaven's got a plan for you

Of course, this is a bit ironic (moronic?) coming from a non-spiritual person with two atheist kids.

My son: I don't believe in God, I believe in science.

My daughter: If Jesus rose from the dead that would make him a zombie.

true true true

Okay maybe I should rethink that song.

Anyway, here are some proverbial Post-it notes for my not-so wee suckers as they continue growing  and making life choices:

1. Have fun in life. (Yes, we will all die, so die happy)
2. Enjoy yourself RESPONSIBLY. (please no DUIs, unplanned pregnancies, STDs, etc. etc. etc.)
3.Never take your education for granted. (Learn all that you can learn and USE that knowledge)
4. Self advocate (Be your own Lobbyist)
5.Become financially independent as soon as possible (There is no trust fund waiting for you.)
6. Be brave (Use your voice)
7. Have each other's back (Never abandon each other. EVER.)
8. Go forth and work hard in becoming the best of you (Time to put down the video games son, easy on the phone girlfriend...)
9. Laugh freely-but not at other people's expense (Don't be a prick)
10. Embrace all that is beautiful and wonderful (There is so much of it!)

my love to you M + R

PS: Don't get any tattoos