Friday, April 24, 2015

Sad Face

Scratchy throat
And I'm feeling a little blue
I want something but I don't know what
Oh, a massage, but that's a given

Friday night
That use to mean something
Can't even sleep late

Oh well

Good night

Good Words















Super cute


That's Not My Age: Older models: Eveline Hall

When I grow up I want hair like hers.


Ha! I love this caption.



My husband likes to call me "little" and he's not referring to my size.

(That would be ummm "ample"?)

No, he's talking about my level of maturity.

Little, as in naive perhaps and yes, very immature.

Which is fine by me.

Because I like to say "Nah, I don't wanna" like a little kid

and some things still scare me like going down steep hills

and my brain explodes if things gets too heady around science and technology.

(Like during yesterday's speaker Jaron Lanier at school--egads...)

So, I don't mind feeling small.

My man can be big.

Little works for me.

I'm little.



(and even the sour pusses)

Grey sweater to match my grey hair

Thursday, April 23, 2015

How to have fun (in a harmless way)

Oh how I love to bug my family.

It's fun, fun, funny!

How I love to make daughter cringe when I squeal in delight whenever Tootles the cat is in the yard.

Another favorite of mine: tap hubby on the shoulder while he is having a 

DEEP and MEANINGFUL talk and proclaim

"I'm pretty."


I love being all sorts of random.

I'll tell my son "I'm the best looking woman in this room"

And of course, he rolls his eyes, "You're the ONLY woman in this room"

"Oh well, that's not my problem..."

All sorts of random.

Try it.

It's funny.


I have on my stripey long knee socks with a short black skirt.

Was trying to go for an Alice in Wonderful look,

But it just looks off. 

(Wrong shoes)

Oh wells.

My fascinating personality will make up for my lack of style.

Attempted the "beachy hair" look today
Didn't photograph so well.


Feeling wanderlust. 

Must find glitter for my face and some flowers for my hair?


Sweet Jesus!

Vanessa Jackman: New York Fashion Week AW 2014

Killer Jacket

Night time thoughts

Driving at dusk makes me sad.

But California has the prettiest pink skies.

I want to be a chaperone at my daughter's dance.

Which is just an excuse to wear a ridiculous strapless LBD.

I'm so predictably...vulnerable.


Whoever invented those pink eraser caps is a genius!

It took way too many tries to spell "hors d'oeuvres." 

Even with spell check.

Frozen cherries taste sinful.

But a crush on someone is better.

So is a kiss on the forehead.

Still haven't gone to Oakland's Cat Cafe...what is wrong with me?!

Wait...don't answer that.

A good hug feels like a warm bath.

I could use one.

A hug... and a bath.

So tired from another ridiculously productive day.

Yeah, I think.

Good night moon.

Good night room.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pier 23 postcard ladies -Before and After


Here is the free postcard you get after eating at Pier 23 cafe in San Francisco.

(Food is yummy BTW)

 Rather cheeky...


I went to town with a needle and some embroidery floss

and made them respectable.

I hope my sister cherishes this


Turns out, it's not that easy to stitch on postcard paper.

Who knew?

Noise Maker

I hate rules and bad feelings
Not all of the time
But a lot of the time

I hate staying quiet
When I want to be LOUD
I hate being alone
When I want attention
I hate being ignored
When I really just want to be adored
I hate defending myself
And speaking
Almost as bad as listening

It's easy to hate
And hard to love

It's easy to want
But hard to get


Obsessing about body image as of late.

I'm a mixed bag myself.

Would you call her "slender"?

I think if she wore a tee shirt and jeans her body would look okay, maybe even non descript?

It's hard to say.

Is the trick to stay naked?

Maybe us regular girls look better in the nude?

Ha! Fat chance.

Happy Earth Day everyone!

(me with hippie hair)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Please Ignore


I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with work

Damn there is a lot to be done

It makes the day go by faster I suppose

But still...


I need a big hug and a pep talk.

A gingerade would be nice too.

Okay, back to work...